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dinonurse [userpic]

How did it get to be December?

December 11th, 2006 (12:18 pm)

current mood: contemplative

I cannot believe that another year is coming to a close. Where has all my time gone?

I am soooooooooo behind in everything. I think that I have become the world's absolute biggest procastinator.

Actually, I am in overwhelm and therefore, don't do anything.

My old DON just called to see if I'd be interested in returning to work on a flex program. NOT!!! I read the posts in cynical nurse and thank God that I am a stay at home procastinator, grandma (Mom), wife, quilter, and self-employed nurse consultant/educator who works when the hell I feel like it and then not that often.

For 30 years nursing was my life. My job was my life. I had no identity. I was simply put a nurse. Now I actually have friends that aren't nurses and we talk about everything. I do digress sometimes and discuss gross things (to them) over meals and have to be reminded that they are not nurses and therefore can't tolerate gross subjects.

I wish that I could write something humorous, entertaining and enlightening, but ....

I did go see my PCP last week and chewed him out. He kept referring to his medical assistant as a nurse. I just hate that....one of my pet peeves.

dinonurse [userpic]

(no subject)

October 18th, 2006 (03:38 pm)

current mood: contemplative
current song: Happy Birthday to YOU

Happy Birthday to me! Another year older. Why are birthdays so exciting when you are young? The more I age the more reflective I become.

Happy Birthday Neon Nurse!!!! You must be a terrific person since we share this day.

dinonurse [userpic]

Duh maybe it wasn't chickenpox, but measles

August 26th, 2006 (06:55 pm)

current mood: aggravated

Yesterday I went off about a stupid Mother who was dragging her daughter around with chickenpox. I wrote that I overheard the Mother say, "she broke out with chickenpox at 6:30 this morning", but now I am thinking did I hear her say chickenpox? or just broke out? In thinking about it, the rash did look more like measles. I am concerned because, I read in today's paper that a 14 month old has measles despite being vaccinated - that the vaccine is 95% effective. So we have a measle alert.

I did fire off a letter to our newspaper and emails to our local news hoping that they will at least alert people to keep their kids home and to remind people that comminicable diseases still exist, but in America have been held at bay due to vaccines - among other things like cleanliness, sanitation, etc.

Now I find myself wondering if that girl had measles and not chickenpox. I hope like hell it was chickenpox since her Mom was dragging her around everywhere. God I hope that there were no pregnant women around.

The joys of living so close to the border. All the liberals out there who think Arizona should just let the illegals in because "they are trying to have a better life" need to live in Tucson for while. These folks also bring communicable diseases in and we have a strain of antibiotic resistant TB thanks to our illegal immigrants. Another thing that happens is a legal or illegal immigrant usually Mexican will give birth and then take the child down to Mexico for a visit. I have seen these kids come back with the absolute jungle rot...we had one that had pus oozing out of her skin - e.g. every old IV site, places where electrodes had been placed and removed and even old bandaide sites would ooze. Her lungs were completely whited out on x-ray. She was 3 months old and died.

dinonurse [userpic]

(no subject)

August 12th, 2006 (01:19 pm)

current mood: blah

Okay I am still fricking hot. Compressor for my a/c is on order. Looks like next week.

For the past few days I have told myself to just "deal with it". Lots of people live here with just swamp - evaporative coolers. So on Tuesday, I did my yard work and kept hosing off myself until the ants, flies, and mosquitoes decided that I was fair game. Wednesday, I cleaned my house and finished my laundry while sweating buckets. We looked at a/c units but it is a joke. Our windows slide to the side, so we would have to cut a hole in the wall etc. All of which is not worth the expensive when we have central air that will eventually be fixed.

I am slowing acclimating. Now I am just hot and sticky. My feet and hands keep swelling from the heat. I take cold showers and even the cold water isn't cold.

I keep telling myself that there are folks in a lot worse circumstances not to mention our poor guys in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not only are they in the desert heat, they are wearing all those clothes and equipment.

Now I will head off to the shower and my grandson (who does not seem fazed by heat- oh the joys of being 5) will go shopping for the remainder of his kindergarten supplies.

Monday I get to let him go...I have such a mixture of feelings. Those days were supposed to long over, but here I go again. I don't even what to think about how old I will be when I get this one off on his own.

dinonurse [userpic]

(no subject)

August 8th, 2006 (03:24 am)

current location: Hell
current mood: hot

Okay it is 3:25 am and I am awake and sweating like a pig, sorry southern belles no "glowing" here pure sweat.

Ever try to get your a/c fixed in the desert? The repair folks are all booked up....I am looking at sweating a bit longer.

The thermostat hit 95 in my house today. At one point it felt better sitting outside, until the mosquitoes and flys decided to start attacking me.

Going to go lay back down in front of the fan and try and sleep.

I watched those folks on the Texas Roadhouse series and thought how in the hell did our ancestors make it...and the women wore all those clothes...

There is no fricking way that I would have ever survived in those times.

dinonurse [userpic]

You better believe that I am spoiled and need my air conditioning

August 7th, 2006 (11:09 am)

current location: my office in the fricking desert of Arizona
current mood: hot
current song: sweating too bad to turn the music on

I would rant and rave, but I am too drained. My air conditioning went out yesterday. I was out running errands and walked into the house and almost died. I said to my dear husband. It is hot as hell in here. Why is it so hot? He went and looked at the thermostat and walked back into the kitchen and said. I guess the a/c is messed up the thermostat says 80. Then he proceeded to our bedroom and laid down across the bed with the fan blowing on him. Nice. I went out and looked at the circuit breaker. It was tripped. I turned it back on and sparks shot out and smoke. Hmmm not good. I shared this info with dear hubby. His response and you want me to do what? grrr. our conversation really went down the tubes from that point on ... the best comment on his part was... when the terrorists blow everything up you'll never make it since you can't survive without a/c. Grrrr.

It is now 11:15 am Monday with no sign of repair people. It is 92 degrees in my house and around 104 outside. Am I spoiled? You damn right! Did I grow up in house with no a/c? Yes, but we at least had window fans etc. and weren't in the fricking desert. Did my parents later get a/c? You damn right. Things were different back in the day. I was also a young pup back then. Now I am old dog. On the positive side...I can't tell I can't tell if I am having a hot flash or just sweating.

I would go take a cold shower, but then the repairman may show up. I could go the mall, drive around in my car, but .... no I must just sit here and sweat and wait.

dinonurse [userpic]

(no subject)

August 5th, 2006 (12:23 am)

current mood: content

I had a good day and plan on a good tomorrow. This quilt project has helped me make new friends. Today a friend came over and helped me sort through the quilt blocks and arrange them. Then we went to lunch and shopping which was fun. She has a purple mustang convertible so even tho it is muggy as the deep south and fairly miserable weather (instead of just your plain ole Arizona hot as hell summer) she put down the top on the convertible and we went cruising down the freeway. Haven't had fun like that in years. Of course a truck full of unsavory type characters (probably not here legally) rode by whistled and carried on... No men in their right mind would be carring on like that with 2 over the hill babes...hehe

This morning I received an email from a new quilting friend that she mass mailed to her friends with her agenda for tomorrow. She is young enough to be my daughter and last weekend we hung out and actually had a lot of fun. Her youthful energy elightens me. So the game plan is ... join in on her day at whatever point works. Starting with the quilt shop at 9:30, breakfast at 10, then she is going for a haircut and suggested her friends could join her for pedicures...too fun. Then a matinee at 12 and lunch at 2. Then home.

I am delightfully happy. Now if I can just get some sleep. I have been having a horrible time sleeping the joys of aging and tooo many years of night shift. My circadian rhythm is on permanent night shift. God forbid if I ever end up in a SNF or whatever, I'll be one of the residents that is up all night driving the staff nuts.

dinonurse [userpic]

Time just flys

August 1st, 2006 (01:48 pm)

current mood: busy

Since the first of March, I have been so busy. I am the Arizona coordinator for the Home of the Brave Project a nationwide project begun in California with goal of presenting quilts to the families of our fallen heroes. Long long story about how I became the Arizona coordinator.

The project has taken over my life and I won't even talk about how much money I have spent.

Over 1,400 quilts have been presented by other states. We have to make 70 for Arizona.

So in case anyone out there thought I had died and gone to hell....

I did take a trip to California to visit with my daughter and granddaughter.

We have been having rain and more rain in Arizona. Our dry heat has turned into sticky yucky humid heat. I feel like I'm in back home in Virginia. I cannot believe I spent most of my life living in muggy humidity. Guess I have truly become an Arizonan.

dinonurse [userpic]


February 27th, 2006 (10:26 am)

current mood: annoyed

I woke up this morning with a raging headache. It is so dry in Arizona. There are times that I miss rain so much.
For some reason I am in bitchy mood and just want to be left alone. Ever have one of those days? Some days I feel like everyone wants a piece of me and there is none left for me.
My house needs a good deep cleaning, on the surface things look fine, but the windows are dirty, the rug needs shampooing etc. Life seems too short to be wasting your day cleaning. I have laundry to do and the yard needs doing, which I had planned to do the weekend, but didn't. On my deathbed, I'd like to look back and think my life was fun and full of excitement not Oh I kept my house clean, my family fed, etc.
This morning I have been reading the posts of my fellow nurses and thinking there is not a damn thing that I miss about hospital nursing. I love people and I got plenty of bennies from my patients, but I also had my fair share of patients from hell enough to last a life time and co-workers from hell. I had thought about going back to the hospital when my grandson starts kindergarden this fall, but I don't think so. I'll just keep doing nursing consultation and even those people are getting on my nerves. They act like they own me and my time. Tomorrow I am scheduled to give some CEU's classes and teach a CPR class and this morning the manager of the assisted living facility called and said can you come today instead, duh NO.
I just want some time to do my own thing in my little corner of the world.

Must be the aging factor.

dinonurse [userpic]

States that I have visited

February 13th, 2006 (04:26 pm)

Seems I am more southern than I thought. Guess I need to head Northwest for a while....

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