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Misplaced Southern Belle

Wife, Mom, Grammie and Dinosaur Nurse

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I've been a nurse so long now that I am now considered to be a dinosaur...prehistoric creature...

I am a misplaced southerner. I miss southern ways, southern cooking, and home grown vegetables.

I love being creative which is why I like quilting, needlecrafts, and being creative with the computer.

My World and Welcome to It

I live in the desert, Tucson, Arizona. Today January 6, 2006 the temperature was in the upper 70’s. We have two seasons hot and hot as hell.

If you are from “back east”, everyone here refers to back east as anywhere east of Arizona, and have never visited here you are in for some interesting sites…not tourist sites. For starters most people whose yards are landscaped have rocks for their yards not grass. Some folks do plant grass which they must water ( a commodity in the desert) daily. You will find it interesting to see folks A/C units on the roof of the house but better yet are the folks that have evaporative coolers…another entire story.

To move here from “back east” is a real culture shock. I have been here since 1987 so I am almost a native. Hehehehe

I am one of those thousands of grandparents raising grandchildren that you sometimes hear about. We are fortunate in comparison to others. We brought him home from the NICU. He was a 28 weeker 2lbs 3 oz. He was in NICU for 90 days. He is now 4 years old and doing great. He is a joy but at my age he can be quite tiring. He is our son, we adopted him long ago. I hadn’t planned my life like this, but you take what God gives you and do the best you can.